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Student Life Opportunity

Good morning, PG365ers!  We were contacted recently by Joshua Clark of Student Life at Parkland.  Over spring break, he took a group of students to Flint, Michigan for a service project.  The students were so moved by what they saw, learned, and did that they have asked us if we would consider helping their cause.  Anthony Baxter writes about the current climate in Flint in a Guardian article from April 4, 2018.  Or you can check out this youtube video.  It's a clip from a film made by a community college student that helps illustrate the living conditions in Flint.  Below I'm sharing what our very own Parkland students wrote about their experience.  They've given links to the organizations they worked with if you feel compelled to donate on their behalf.  ParklandGives365 is not collecting for this, we are only passing it along as an opportunity.  Therefore if you choose to donate to one of these organizations, your donation will be tax-deductible.  (Assuming that's still a thing next year...I don't fully understand how taxes work.)

 "My first impression of Flint wasn’t the best, I didn’t want to go to the city with the idea that it was one of “the most dangerous cities in America” but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t find Flint intimidating at first. Meeting the people we volunteered with immediately change how I first thought of Flint. What I found amazing was the resilience of everyone in the city. When we volunteered with habitat, we worked on a house that was about 109 years old. Instead of destroying it, like many of the houses we saw in Flint, we worked with fantastic people who wanted to transform the house into 2 apartments. One of the man I worked with taught me how to use a nail gun, scrap off old wood, use a circular saw, tell a lot of awful jokes and how to do a double back flip in a few hours. I’ll never thank all the habitat team enough for making that day of volunteering so enjoyable and memorable. We got to hear the stories of people who really made the better out of awful things that happened to them, and I thought it was really admirable. I believe that Flint is going to be an amazing place to live in in the future, the city understands that unity makes them stronger, and all the altruism we witnessed what makes Flint great." - written by Nafissa Maigi.  Donate to GeneseeHabitat.

"Hello, my name is Emily Grumish. I am a Psychology major at Parkland College. I went on the Alternative Spring Break Service Learning Trip to Flint, Michigan to widen my knowledge on service learning by helping with the Flint Crisis. One of the organizations that I helped in was at the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village. While there, I learned how their after school programs are providing a safe alternative environment to the at risk children in Northern Flint. SBEV believes that by providing empowerment and leadership skills to these young people, that their youth will be the catalysts who actually transform the city of Flint, Michigan."  - written by Emily Grumish.  Donate to Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village.

"My name is Kevontaye Finley. I am in the construction management program. I decided to attend the trip to Flint Michigan, to gain more construction experience. However, I have gained much more. I learned a lot about Flint's history and witnessed the benefit of not losing hope. The Franklin project showed me to keep faith regardless of how hard life hits you; especially when I can relate to going up in an impoverished neighborhood. Franklin reminds of the "boys & girls club" in Chicago. It provided a safe zone for people in the community to escape tragedies, but also it has uplifted so many people to do better and give back to their community. What Marcy (head of Franklin) and her associates are doing at Franklin will spread positivity and will motivate the people in the community. They are providing dinners, clothes, washing & dryers, and other necessity to help the people of Flint live a more comfortable life. To add on, everyone that plays a role in Franklin's mission are all positive and tries to find more way to give. This hits home because organizations like this have saved my life and molded me into a more humble person." - written by Kevontaye Finley.  Donate to Franklin Ave. Mission.

"The Eastside Mission is dedicated to redeeming lives, removing obstacles, and rebuilding communities on the Eastside of Flint. The Eastside Mission has rapidly expanded offering more and more services, such as offering hot meals, free clothing, and job training. We worked on their “NOW House”. “Drug & Alcohol addiction is a very real issue in our community.  Once an individual reaches the point where they are ready to make life altering changes it can take from three to ten days before room in a treatment center is available. Our Now House(s) will be the immediate, safe place for those in transition to inpatient rehabilitation.” Donate to the Eastside Mission.


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